Burge Fire Fork

This fire fork is an exact copy of one that has graced the fireplace in the living room of the Big House at Burge Club in Mansfield, GA. for as long as anyone can remember – and that could have been a very long time! Burge has been in the same family since 1809. It is assumed that the original, and it is still there, was made on the property sometime in the 1800’s.

Just like the National English and Mathematics Standards were received, teachers must get acquainted with the standards as they apply to science. This means that the style in which some teachers present concepts may need modifications. Educators will need to include inquiry as a part of the outcome. Yet, some educators, like Australian Writting, see no need to change from over using passive learner instructional methods, such as show and tell teaching. The basic problem becomes in convincing educators to implement different teaching techniques from their regemented methods. Leading the way in the reform of science, as it did for math, is the approach of constructivism. If educators are to aid students meet the new National Standards, changes in teaching must include such technique. Even though the math standards initiated the move towards constructivism, educators must be constantly convinced that such strategies work.

You will find that it is the only tool you need to tend your fireplace and to “keep the home fires burning.” Enjoy!